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Top 10 Job Sites in India | Best Online Job Websites

Are you a Job Seeker?

Do you want to find best job, which suits your style & attitude?

Have you become eligible for fulfilling your rights with the help of Job duties?

Or also,

Are you finding many difficulties in Job searching on Internet?

Don’t you worry now!!

Gone are the days, when it was difficult to find dream jobs in your area. Now in this 21st Century, time has been changed a lot. Latest technology with its interesting branches made everything easier. Internet is one of the best creations in this way.

As online recruitment has now turned a standard part of the recruitment more and more companies as well as job seekers nowadays are now rushing towards the online job portals. The world has gone digital so as the recruitment process. Whether you require a C class job or want to fly the plane, you get all under one roof. For various recruiters out there, this usually means using one’s own company website, a third-party job site or job board, a CV database, social media or search engine marketing as part of the recruitment process.

Internet is a Wonderful Creation,

Which has changed Many Definitions!!

Here, one of the definitions belongs to Job Searching for Job seekers. It’s quite become easier now to find latest jobs and vacancies information on Internet like finding the right partner. Half of the audience are aware from this fact but what about other half?

You know this thing very well..!! 🙂

For solving this problem of half audience of both sides, this post is created, which provides you prominent information for your dream jobs!!  These are the top recruitment sources which provide best career option online on your way.

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So don’t miss to check out this amazing list of top 10 job sites in India, which is all about leading employment for smart employers of future world. No doubt!! You are also one of them.

Top 10 Job Sites in India


Top 10 Job Sites in India

(1) Naukri (www.naukri.com) 

Naukri.com is one of the best & top rated jobs website, which helps passive & active job seekers for finding better & qualitative Naukri.com No.1 Job Sitejobs. Naukri.com provides quickest and most relevant job to thier users. There are more than 45,000 recruiters, who are connected with this amazing job portal. Near 1,000 of jobs are posted here daily.

  • Launched: March 1997
  • Owner: Info Edge India Ltd
  • World Alexa Rank : near 457
  • India Rank: near 32
  • Page Rank : 6

You can easily get relevant job information in only click via your mobile, and online. You can also create mulitiple job alerts to target the kind of Jobs you want. It’s also help in comapring different companies & industries to the users for making the right choice.


(2) MonsterIndia (www.monsterindia.com)

Another most prominent top job site in India, which hMonster India Best Job Siteas quickly re-gained to the nearest postion with Naukri.com & continuously giving a close competiton to all best online job search sites. You can discover new opportunities that exactly match your profile type.

  • Launched: 1999
  • Owner: Monster Worldwide Inc
  • World Alexa Rank : near 2,638
  • India Rank: near 197 
  • Page Rank :  7

Monster.com also helps in formulate better career decisions by offering numerous career tips. Whatever you are searching about new jobs, new career, new city, new direction etc, Monster always helps you to explore the possibilities & finding opportunities in a intereting way.


(3) Indeed India (www.indeed.co.in)

Indeed is one of the best places to find local joIndeed.com Job Search Websitebs in India with over 10 crore unique visitors per month. It’s a well famous Job Search Engine as well as fantabulous site among 50+ countries available in 26 languages with 94% of global GDP. This prominent job search website helps 100 million people to search jobs, posts , resumes & related comapnies to their niche each month.

  • Launched: November 2004
  • Owner: Recruit
  • World Alexa Rank : near 1,884
  • India Rank: near 123  
  • Page Rank : 6

Indeed is the #1 source of external hires for thousands of companies. It’s founded by in 2004 & now company has over 800 employees. These employees in all over the world specially New York and Stamford & continuously progessing.


(4) TimesJobs (www.timesjobs.com)

TimesJobs is the Fast growing and most Innovative onTimesJobs Job Websiteline recruitment portal in India, which was founded in January 2004. The main aim of this leading job portal is to reach out to all Indian in this country & abroad for providing them best career opportunities.

  • Launched: 2004
  • Owner: The Times Group
  • World Alexa Rank : near 1,948
  • India Rank: near 133 
  • Page Rank : 6

The website also offers special offers and advice column with trending markets, industries and consulting. A job seeker can easily share his or her resume or CV for the appropriate choice of job. Just you need to upload your resume and start getting job information on your email and mobile.


(5) Shine (www.shine.com)

Shine is also one of the most Innovative and fastest growing recruitment portal with “Brightest chances for the Rightest Jobs”, which was launched in 2008. In this short period of 5 years span, it has crossed 1.1 crore candidates with approx. 2 lakhs prominent jobs on website. Shine provides good quality of candidates to tShine.com for Rightest Jobshe recruiters, which help candidates get jobs in their favorite department as well as helps recruiters hire faster.

  • Owner:HT Media
  • World Alexa Rank : near 1,975
  • India Rank: near 144 
  • Page Rank : 6

Shine also offers better relevance of results with a best end-user experience for both candidates and recruiters. So come along with the vast growing network & fill your vacant place of life with joy & happiness.

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(6) Career Builder (www.careerbuilder.co.in)

Career Builder is also one of the famous employement networks with approx. 2000 employees & over 300,000 employers worldwide. It was founded in 1995 with the mission of organizing all world’s human capital by making it meaniful for the society & also providing Jobs & Career advice. CareerBuilder Job Website

  • World Alexa Rank : near 10,638
  • India Rank: near 717
  • Page Rank : 6

The partnership of Career Builder is with 10,000+ websites, including 140 newspapers with leading portals such as MSN and AOL. The Global presence of Career Builder is is U.S.A, Europe, Canada, Asia and South America with presence in more than 60 markets worldwide.


(7) Placement India (www.placementindia.com)

As the name concern PlacementIndia.com is all about employment news for all needy job seekers. A good & growing Indian placement portal, established in the year of 1997 & managed and owned by Weblink.In Pvt. Ltd. It’s truw that Placement India is transforming many of millions dreams into reallity by provding them a fantastic placement environment.

  • World Alexa Rank : near 21,991Placement India Job Portal
  • India Rank: near 1,686
  • Page Rank : 5

Their mission is to fullfill the requirements of their clients with ultimate transparency and cost-effectiveness. So come along with Placement India to meet with the desire placement of India.


(8) Careerjet (www.careerjet.com)

CareerJet is the another good job website as well as a better employment search engine for finding latest jobs & vacancies. It is a typw of search engine, which maps huge selection of job offeringCareerJet Employment Search Engines available on the internet. The Job offerings are not hosted by Careerjet itself, infact, It always redirects to the original job listing.

  • World Alexa Rank : near 36,639
  • India Rank: near 20,402
  • Page Rank : 6

It is one of the most popular job website where thousand of Indian job seekers search for high salary jobs. Careerjet’s job search engine network encompasses over 90 countries with featuring separate interfaces that are translated into 28 languages.


(9) Carrerage (www.careerage.com)

Careerage is India’s most comprehensive Jobs and Career Portal, which was formally established in 1996. Career Age provides highly researched & detailed information in each and every career choices in its unique pattern.

  • World Alexa Rank : near 37,049Careerage Jobs and Career Companion
  • India Rank: near 3,687
  • Page Rank : 4

One more interesting fact about Careerage is, It is designed and promoted by experienced professionals in the areas of IT & HR. You can easily find all Jobs and career information here in just a few clicks.


(10) Freshersworld (www.freshersworld.com)

Last but not least, FreshersWorld.com is the No.1 Job Site for Freshers in India. It has more than 3500+ companies hiring through us. Freshersworld has the database with 3.3 million resumes, where 90,000 resumes added every month. This is not the enough, 2.5 lakh unique visitors everyday with 35 million page vieFreshersworld.com Job Portal for Freshersws a month can easily tell your the moral of the story.

  • World Alexa Rank : near 3,955
  • India Rank: near 290
  • Page Rank : 5

If you want to set you career right from your campus inerview then Freshersworld will help you to find your dream company till the final selection. It’s a good online freshers hiring platform. No Dobt at all!!

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More Interesting Sites which provides Finest Employment News:

  • 1. Clickjobs (www.clickjobs.com)
  • 2. Jobstreet(www.jobstreet.com)
  • 3. Vfreshers (www.vfreshers.com)
  • 4. Apnacircle (www.apnacircle.com)

So Find you favorite jobs according to your interest & fulfill all dreams of your life. These are the top 10 job sites in India, which surely give you prominent job searching results accordance with your need and desire.

Benefits with Online Recruitment

Online recruitment is more effective. Putting up a job requirement on a job board is usually difficult than putting it on your own website. The second process requires couple of hundred euros or pounds. If you are losing almost up to 20% of the first year salary of your salary and giving the same ad on newspaper is consuming thousands, you should immediately reach online portals that provide free of cost services. This is free and will always be.

Going head, online recruitment is quick. If you simply want to hire people in bulk then it’s a matter of a few minutes otherwise it will take a few hours and you will get a list of good candidates who can handle your duty in a great manner. You just post your job requirement in the morning and by evening your mailbox gets filled up with hundreds and thousands of match-able applications. The process is always quick. Moreover, you are not compelled to make any deliberate act with this. If you like the application, call them otherwise, there is no need to waste the time anymore.

Online marketing has many benefits over the traditional print advertising that would consume a lot of time be it a national, local or trade press. In these mediums, faces limitations decides the success of vacancy advertisement depends on the people happening upon the particular page in a particular discussion. In online marketing, the process is different, candidates can reach here again and again to test their potential and to grab his/her preferred opportunity.

Moreover, online recruitment websites introduce the candidate with the mammoth of audience that is not at all possible with the print media. Through online job portals, one can reach any destination across the world. There would not be any kind of communication or distance barrier between you and your career.

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    I am Mechanical Diploma holder and working in Bhushan Steel Angul (Orissa)with 4 years’ experience. I want to change my Jobs.




  2. no one is best ,they do not provide job,just want to earn,we just go thorough some small site,these site provide daily walk -in job update,and do not need any registration or log-in

    some are –


    walkin india.com


  3. Hello sir please include http://naukrijob.in it is a good site for employers and as well as job seekers.

  4. Good List.. however there are few small job sites which don’t take any money from job seekers. Also many of sites have fake resume databases. So people need to be careful.

    I came across some good job sites,


    on rekruitin.com I see Walk In job posted as well.

  5. I’m a recruiter is three a site where I can pick up candidates from

  6. You can compare the list of Top 10 job sites in India. If you find it suitable to check the list of these.

  7. Vivek! I love your posts because you base things in objective data, instead of following agendas as other sites do. This way I know things here can be trusted.

    There is a job portal ranked 249 in India that you have missed! careesma.in. They are 2897 worldwide. I find it particularly useful myself, and it´s free! I think they partnered with IndiaMart, so they have lots of unique jobs that are not even in the other top jobsites!

    To be honest I don´t know how they make money or how they sustain their page etc… but it´s growing and I feel it´s an underdog that deserves to be included in its right position!


  8. Hi Vivek,

    Please check below job portals & blogs it will be useful for users.

    http://www.sarkarinaukriblog.com/ (Government Jobs)
    http://sarkarinaukrisms.in/ (Government Jobs)
    http://www.vidyavision.com/ (Government Jobs)
    http://www.indeed.co.in/ (Job Search Engine)
    http://www.wisdomjobs.com/ (General job portal)


  9. thanks for this genuine post..u have given a very useful job portal list .proper recruitment details is given which becomes very simple so as to look for a job..keep posting similar job portal sites 🙂

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