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Career in Merchant Navy with Colleges, Jobs & Salary in India

  • Are you a player of fear factor??
  • Do you have got the enough courage to fight with hard circumstances??
  • Do you like to work independently?
  • Can you able to spend your time without your family in the water zone?

If your reply is yes for all above the questions, then you must make your career in Merchant Navy. It’s a fabulous job opportunity for you, which can full fill your all needy requirements of life.

The special category youth, who want to do something different in their life!


Who want to make different career of themselves!

can move to this optimistic career in merchant navy.

Important Note: There are so much opportunities in Cargo Industry. It is assumed that till 2020, 9% of the Indians from the overall workers will be included in this industry.

Career in Merchant Navy with Colleges, Jobs & Salary in India

Present Condition of Merchant Navy

The people who are working in this field saying that, “So many people are required in this field of merchant navy, and India is the developing centre in this way!”

Usually foreign companies think Indians as the hard working persons. They have got positive nature towards their work. As well Indians are doing their shipping business very well. That’s why, foreign companies also want to select Indians. Here, so many chances of jobs are available for youth.

If we talk about worldwide level then 1 lakh Indians are now working on 50 thousand Cargo Ships. It’s the 7% of overall workers and no doubt it will surely reach to 9% till 2020.

Each country economic condition depends on need and supply. And to full fill the requirements of one country to another country, taking help from the shipping ways. That’s why, Cargo Career plays an important role here.

Flexibility in the Working

You get the job on a contract basis in Merchant Navy. And, you also meet the so much flexibility in this environment. These all contract has different types like Paid vacation etc!

According to the contract, the person has to live, work & spend at least 6-7 months on the Ship. Then after, he can take leave from all duties and spend his time with the family.

A person has also the option of changing the company, if the company doesn’t suite him. Also, the working person family has got the chance to travel on the ship. Just you need to make your visa for this purpose, and you have to take all expenditure of your family. Clubs, Internet etc facilities always available at each and every seaport.

Merchant Navy Salary & Packages

If you starting with the post of Deck Cadet, then you get Rs. 20,000 per month. In fact, a captain gets Rs. 4 lakh per month as the salary of merchant navy. And the main advantage of this salary is, it doesn’t include in any type of taxes.

As your experience increases on the ship, you salary also increases in proportionally amount. If you want to take admission and make your career in merchant navy then, you have to give an entrance exam.

What is Merchant Navy Entrance Exam & How to Built Career in Merchant Navy??

Merchant navy entrance exam is a process to take part in the merchant navy career. It is done in different pattern with different steps-What is Merchant Navy Entrance Exam

1. Students have to enroll in a course after completing the 12th class.

2. In this course, 1 year Pre-Sea program has to be done.

3. After that, you have to take training as a cadet on the ships for 18 months.

4. You also have to spend Approx. 4 months in the college. Now you have to clear second MAT exam.

5. After clearing that exam you can join as 3rd officer grade post from B.Sc. Nautical Science.

Important Note: After 12th, Including in the enroll of a course, 1 year pre-sea training and then training of 18 months on the Deck of Ship.

Students have to check carefully about the different colleges and institutes before taking admission in one of them. Students can also take refer from Government Merchant Navy Official Website www.dgshipping.gov.in .

Other Jobs in Merchant Navy Career

You can also change your job as the constant worker in the similar field, if you are entering in the age 30’s. You can work in the Catering, Logistics etc field. The salary will always free from taxes, if you working in any merchant navy career.

Women have also many chances to do the job in this field. They can work as the safety management crew, flit personal recruitment crew etc.


Best Merchant Navy Colleges/Institutes in India

1. Indian Maritime University, Chennai (www.imu.tn.nic.in)

2. College of Maritime Studies & Research, Kolkata (www.himsar.net)

3. Shri Ram Institute of Marine Studies, New Delhi (www.simsnd.in)

4. National Inland Navigation Institute, Patna (www.nini.bih.nic.in)

5. Maritime Education Training & Research Institute, Kolkata (www.metrikolkata.org)

Polytechnic Diploma Jobs and Career after 10th & 12th in India

So many students get depressed & left studies, due to the poor financial conditions or many other reasons. They want to do degree studies like Engineering. Also, they want to get placed in MNC’s and any other famous company with a good package, but somehow they can’t do, due to many circumstances. In this way, they feel like out of mind or out of sorts.

  • Leave the studies, Is this only way of their future career??
  • Do all ways stop after completing 10th & 12th??


Then, what is the better option for these type of students for making their future bright??

Polytechnic Diploma Course is the best program for all those youngsters. It has also become one of favorite field of studies in India.There are so many choices in Polytechnic in many aspects. But first, we know about definition of polytechnic.


What is Polytechnic??

Polytechnic courses are also known as Technical Degree courses, which is generally run by ALL India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), in short, Government of India. These are Job oriented 3 years diploma courses specially in the engineering field.

You don’t require any specific eligibility for taking admission in Polytechnic colleges. There are so many youngsters, who have done polytechnic studies and placed at good posts. These courses mainly focus on students technical abilities.

Polytechnic Diploma Jobs and Career after 10th & 12th in India

Polytechnic Diploma Courses after 10th & 12th

Polytechnic courses are not only for engineering focused, courses from the Art field is also involved here. In these all type of courses, mainly Diploma has been considered.

The good thing about this diploma field is-

You have become prepare here for each type of practical concept and training.

You can also start your own business after completing your diploma.


Diploma and Certificate Courses have been done in the Polytechnic courses, which is organised by State Government or Various Institues. Main courses are-

1. Fashion Designing

2. Various Engineering Diploma

3. Masscom etc


Choices in Diploma Courses / Thinking of Diploma Entrance Student

After taking the admission in polytechnic, students generally think that “Who will select b/w the b.tech holder or diploma holder while giving any interview?”

Students also think that “Surely Degree holders have more reputation than themselves.”

But, I want to make you correct here. The need of company is your skills and talent. It doesn’t depend on your degree or diploma!! Company will check your practical knowledge in an appropriate field, and will give credit for that knowledge surely.

Basically, B.Tech holders decide the plan and results of the projects. And, Diploma holders do that project work manually. In fact, If you have got any experience regarding the field, than also you can make your reputation yourself by showing your work. As an example: Your practical experience matters a lot. 


Polytechnic Admission or Entrance

  • 1. You have to give a Common Entrance Exam for entering in Polytechnic Diploma field.
  • 2. Selection will be made on the basis of First Come, First Get.
  • 3. You have to make yourself registered at the right or decided time.
  • 4. They will check your eligibility criteria and qualification according to their institute.
  • 5. After clearing entrance & fulfilling those all requirements, you will give an entrance in that particular institute.

Generally, many institutes follow the career counselling process also before the Admissions. So, you can get necessary advices according to your interest.

After that,

If you get any problem after joining the course program, then you can also change your course . Many institutes provide such kind of facility. Many institutes also provide better hostel management services for outgoing students.


Economical View

Polytechnical Courses are very useful for those students, who are not much capable to invest money in their studies.

As Example: If you are good in fashion designing and make comfortable designs at your home then, you must take full formal training of this field through the Diploma Course.

Don’t Make Your Financial Weakness to the Reason of Your Future Failure!

Thanks for taking your time to read this Article..!!

You can also take refer here for more details:

Diploma Engineering Studies

So Many Jobs in 2014 will be available for Job Seekers in India!

New Year 2014 has already come, and we all have been celebrated it according to our interests. But, what is the reason of celebrating the new year? It’s celebrated for prosperity and wealth into our life for a whole of the year. It all come from Money, which you generally earn at your working place. Say it as a “Job or Employment”!!

Am i Right or Wrong?? I am a guy, who enjoy each and every article, while writing it on the web! Ahhhh..!! but my friend, it’s not the question at all.

Here’s the question is “Will youth able to get Jobs in 2014 Year??” It’s so much important question for all job seekers. I am also one of them! If we look up in the past year 2013, then this was not good year at all in each and every aspect specially for Jobs and Vacancies in Hot Sectors.

Will youth able to get Jobs in 2014 Year

Now If you focus on this year, then According to the experts “This Year will good for all Job Seekers, they can find good employment opportunities in 2014.” Offcourse! I don’t know it will good or not. Becuase I haven’t got any super natural powers like God. But yeah! By taking the analysis of the Jobs trend of the market, it’s sure that you will get yourself placed easily in amazing areas in this Job World 2014.

Now if look on the different surveys by famous companies then it will be more clear for you-

  • According to the survey of Manpower Employment Outlook “30 Percent employers said to increasing the staff in their expertise areas.”  (www.manpowergroup.com)
  •  According to the report of India Skills “You can see much better results in the hiring condition and 1.4 Percent increment is sure in overall hiring.” (www.indiaskills.org)


in short, there is not many significant signs for the increment in the report! but good news for all job seekers, who are related to “Engineering, Hospitality & Travel”! They all are lucky charms in this wonderful year of Jobs. Unfortunately! not so much hope for the vacancies in Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, IT and Manufacturing Sector.

There is one good thing here, which is related to the youth skills. (Young generation, who all are involved in the Job market field). But, they can get into the trouble in finding appropriate job of their choices.

  • Eligible Youth for Jobs in 2014 (According to their field)

Now if we look this report of eligible youth for their favorite job sector, then this thing will more clear-

1. Farma : 54% eligible youth

2. Engineering : 51% eligible youth

3. ITI : 46% eligible youth

4. MCA : 43% eligible youth

5. MBA : 41% eligible youth

6. ARTS / Commerce : 33% eligible youth

34 % job seekers are present in India.

  • Focus On Cost Cutting

Due to the expensiveness/dearness in India, the growth rate is the lowest in 10 years. If you ask from CEO of any company about the planning of this year then he/she will only say to focus on Cost Cutting.

Basically Career is made from six most important points:

1) InterestCareer is made from six most important points

2) Education

3) Goals

4) Vision

5) Values

6) Skills


  • Lack of Skills in the Young Generation

According to the report of India Skills, company are planning to hire Vocationally Trend or Management Graduates, instead of Engineering Degree or Diploma Holders. Every year, approximately 10 lakh (1 million) students pass out from college and universities. Further, they appear in labour force. In short, new graduates have got lack of skills.

 More than 60 Crore (600 million Approx.) people are in the Working Age group in the country.

Unemployment Vs Fun Employment

  • Need to Trend the Youth

According to the report, If we talk about the condition of female group in the Job aspects then it is better from male campaign.

Approx. 42% female are eligible to get the jobs in their field.

Only 33% male are eligible to get the jobs in their field.

Basically, companies want a skillfull person and many complaints are coming in this region. If all 60 crore people will get trend in different special work, then it will be very effective for individual’s as well as for country also.


  • Yes! You can get the Job in 2014

Ever think about entrepreneurship??Never…!!

Then, get ready for giving it a first, second and all kind of thoughts.

Entrepreneurship vs Employee

Due to the lack of Jobs, young generation must need to think about entrepreneurship opportunity. Build a new Idea, work on it and generate maximum output!! That’s all the process.

Promote small and medium enterprises of your account according to your worth. If you have some trouble in investment, then you can easily take the loan from the bank or any other sources.

On the Place level, youth should need to plan for exploring their communal talent on the grand stage.

Whole world has become an online opportunity. In this way, youth can easily take their orders from worldwide and comfortable supply their Art and Craft.


Entrepreneurship & Personality development is the key to success in this year for all Job Seekers.  Improvement of skills with Improved knowledge & Working Attitude can help the youth in getting successful Jobs in their favorite Job sectors.

Thanks for taking your time to read this article!!

Paint Technology Jobs will surely make your Career Colorful

Are you Interested in Painting or Paint Technology??

Want to Make your Career Colorful by creating Painting Designs??

Trouble in finding Painting Jobs & Career in your nearest area??

If all these questions are true & necessary for you, then you are right up here on this post. Yes! you can easily make your career colorful as well as brighter with only using of colors. It’s a very good career option for you in the aspect of salary purpose also.

Paint Technlogy with Beautiful Painting

These days so much foreign companies have come in the Paint Business, that’s why this business has come as a good career option in front of us. And It’s the only reason for improving the Paint Technique into the Paint Technology Course. It is called as Paint Technology.

  • You can find more information about Paint History here: Wikipedia

Paint Technology Jobs will surely make your Career Colorful

What is Paint Technology exactly??

Paint Technology course is divided in 3 categories:

1. Basic Course :

Educational Course based on Basic Science. The base of this course is related to the Chemistry branch, which is directly connected to the basics of chemistry.

2. Different Fundamental Stuff and Procedure/Mechanism Category Course:

The settlement of training based on Computer. In this way, this course directly belong to the Engineering & Computer subjects, where paint making & use of painting training are developed.

3. Painting Experiment Course:

This category of course manifests the painting by different experiments. As like various subjects of Surface Coating Course!

In the Paint technology course, different sides like Raw material, Prepare the Formula, Experimentation on Paint & Repository, Experimentation on Paints, Principle of Dry /Wet of paintings, Quality Controlling, Production related work, Design in the form of project, Training in Factories & Seminar have produced.

  • Know more about Surface Coating here: Britannica

Compulsory Ability, Eligibility Criteria and Courses

1. You must have cleared at least 12th (higher secondary) class.

2. There are two type of courses as Graduate & Post Graduate.

  • In Graduate:  The main courses are-

(I) B.Tech in Paint Technology

(II) B.Sc. Technology in Paints,

(III) B.Tech in Chemical Technology

(IV) B.Tech in Oil and Paint Technology

(V) B.Sc.(Tech) Paint and Varnish

(VI) Post B.Sc.

(VII) Diploma is Paint and Varnish Manufacturing

(VIII) B.Tech in Oil Technology

  • In Post Graduate: The main courses are-

(I) M.Tech in Paint Tech

(II) M.Sc. in paint Tech

3. In both type of courses, Chemistry students are allowed.


Jobs, Scope & Pay Scale in Paint Technology

After doing this painting course, you can easily make your career by working in Production Department to Research, Distribution, Manufacturing etc dept. Also, you can make your career in customer dealing, printing & teaching.

Now if i talk about salary, then the pay scale of this field is so good. You can easily make Rs. 30,000 per month + bonus income also.


Main Institutes for doing Paint Technology Course

  • 1. University Department of Chemical technology, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 2. Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur, UP
  • 3. Industrial Researched Laboratory, Kolkata
  • 4. Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Vadodara, Gujrat
  • 5. University Department of Chemical Technology, Jalgaon, Maharashtra
  • 6. Laxmi-Narayan Institute of Technology, Nagpur, Maharashtra
  • 7. Deccan Education Society’s Technical Institute, Pune, Maharashtra



It’s a very good career option for all those, who are creative and desperate in making of painting designs. One should not loose this excellent opportunity to make unlimited income.

Thanks for taking your time to read this article!!

Have a wonderful day ahead..!!

Why So Many Engineering Students are Taking Interest in IIMs??

“Indian Institute of Management (IIM) is the Castle or Citadel of Engineers”

If you are an engineering student, then you must know about this unusual fact about IIM, which is directly connected from the engineering background. Question is that “Why so many engineering student get motivated to take admission in IIMs?”

Is here any particular relation b/w them?

Or, Something in the studies & environment of engineering, which psychologically affects to them?

Why so many engineering student get motivated to take admission in IIMs

This unique quote of Engineering defines about Engineers:

To the optimist, the glass is half full.

             To the pessimist, the glass is half empty.

                          To the engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.


If you also belong to the engineering sector, then ask from yourself!!…

Are you also interested to make your career in IIMs??

If reply is yes! then what is the specific reason ?

We will focus on all these points deeply in this article with some tremendous researched data. Are you ready for taking interest in?? 🙂


Summary of Indian IIMs condition:

There are plenty of engineers available in this country’s IIM institutions. If we believe on this data then 83 – 95 % engineers are present in the class/batch of 2015 at the centers name Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Indore & Kozhikode.

Now if we focus on International Business schools then 36 – 39% students belong to engineering background. Means is that, other stream students are available here.
Surely a lot of difference b/w 36 to 95 related from International to India.

IIM Only for Engineers


  • Condition of Indian IIMs:

Till now, mostly engineering students are available in IIMs:


Institute                                           Total Batch                                   Engineering Student


IIM                                                         440 (2013-15)                                           91 %

KOLKATA                                              452 (2012-14)                                           95%


IIM                                                         403 (2013-15)                                           91.09%

BANGALORE                                       377 (2012-14)                                           88.84%


IIM                                                         351 (2013-15)                                            83. 19%

LUCKNOW                                            327 (2012-14)                                          75.8 %


IIM                                                          450 (2013-15)                                          89%

INDORE                                                 450 (2012-14)                                          93%


IIM                                                          365 (2013-15)                                           85%

KOZHIKODE                                          356 (2012-14)                                          88%



  • Condition of International Business Schools:


(1) Harvard Business School:

39%       =        Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

(2) Wharton Business School:

25%       =       Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

(3) IESE Business School:

36%       =       Engineering

(4) Stanford Business School:

37%       =       Engineering, Math, Natural Sciences

(5) Yale School of Management:

12%       =       Engineering



Can Engineers Successfully Qualify the CAT examination?

CAT full form is Common Admission Test. This examination is taken for the admissions in IIMs.

In India, the students who have better academic record, choose engineering sector. So that they have got good quantitive & aptitude skills, which help them to clear Common Admission Test (CAT). In short, Maximum possibilities are here to clear this test for engineers.

CAT Examination for IIMs

Also, so many engineering colleges are available in India. In this way, talent pool is so large. Other way, It doesn’t happen with non-engineering students.


Why IIMs is Focusing on Variety of Students now??

This is the major question for all different field students, who don’t belong to engineering background. If the different field students present in the class, then thinking of all students will be different also. So as the result, all students get benefits from each other from directly or indirectly by learning new things.

  • Recently, IIM Ahmedabad has changed in selection criteria of admission for PGP batch 2014-16. The main motto behind that is to focus on one to one formula. Example: One other stream student along with an Engineering student in the class.
  • IIM Kolkata has also focus on academic diversity of final selection stage for the batch 2013-15.
  • IIM Lucknow is also planning & focusing on diversity points for the admission point of view.

Institutes want each type of student in their classes.

Hence, IIMs is attracting the many more students, special effect on engineers for make a wonderful career here.



Need of Innovative Thinking in the Market:

In each and every field, you need to be innovative. It’s not only limited till market but also applicable for your current life.

It’s also said that:

“Without Innovation, You Can’t Do Perfect Innogration!”

Hence, IIMs is also thinking for new innovating people with their different and multi tasking skills.


IIM Lucknow is strongly focusing on diversity points for admissions of their future batches. As well as Institutes are also thinking on the point that “Engineering Students will try to think with Innovative Ideas except the Technical Solution of each thing in their life.”

They are also giving the chances to understand the Sophisticiation & Complication of Life & Business World by nearly. As the result, they can work better in their business world in the future.

So in this way of thinking, most of the Engineering students are diverting their brain to IIMs & taking interest in it.


Wonderful Talent Pool:

Technology related industries are increasing heavily in India & students, who have technology background, are also getting jobs offers these technology field. In this way, if the B-School experience will count to give admissions then, Engineering students will surely win the gold medal here.

Talent is Something, Which can’t be defined by only Winning Players.

It is defined by Attitude, Determination & Passion of the Players.


The Dean of IIM Kolkata said about Engineering Students that

“Engineering Students are Wonderful for sure. We trend the Wonderful Talent Pool. Now It depends on Engineering Students that How early they learn these Business Skills & Formulas.”



It’s proved that IIMs is the Castle of Engineering Students. If you are an Engineering Student, then you must focus on IIMs also for your better future.

It’s Good to do Higher Studies..
It’s Better to produce Excellence from the Higher Studies.
It’s Best to use this Excellence for the Innovation to do Perfect Innogration. 🙂

So choose your excellence with your type of background. Know about yourself that “What you are and What you can do for others??”

It’s all depends on your way of learning attitude to the earning attitude. 🙂

Latest Jobs in India Nov-Dec 2013 | Latest Govt Jobs in India

This season of latest jobs is really wonderful for all those who are looking for govt vacancies. Also, there are lots of jobs available in private sectors. Basically, there are various vacancies in various sectors, which have opened in the month of November-December 2013. The sectors are related to IOCl jobs, Govt Bank recruitments, IITs jobs, Medical vacancies, Steel Plant jobs, SAIL recruitments, Govt Service Commission jobs, BHEL, Locomotive jobs etc.

These latest jobs are available for different posts. These different posts are Technician, JRF/SRF, Apprentice, Medical Officer, Manager, Assistant Manager, Technical Operator, Senior Technical Officer, Technical Assistant, Teaching, Head Constable(Ministerial), Faculty, Professor, Junior Scientific, Sports Kota recruitment etc

We will discuss all latest jobs here one by one with their little description & useful site link to apply online. In the description we will use their posts name, the number of posts, last date to apply and notification or official site link. Basically, these are the latest career opportunities for all required and needy persons & students. These all information will be in the exact manner with important criteria. So check it out! may be you get employed in one of these sectors with handsome package. 🙂

Latest Jobs in India Nov-Dec 2013

Latest Jobs in India Nov-Dec 2013 (Both Govt & Private Jobs)

1. Jop Opening in Banking and Govt related sectors:

(1) State Bank Of India

  • Post Name: Pharmacists, Armourers and Control Room Operators
  • Number of Total Posts: 76
  • Age Limit: 18-28 years
  • Last Date: 22 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online & PDF File

(2) CGWB, North Eastern Region

  • Post Name: Technical Operator (Drilling)
  • Number of Total Posts: 7 Posts ( ST-2, OBC-2, UR-3)
  • Pay Scale: Rs. 5200-20200 + Grade pay Rs. 1800/
  • Last Date: 22 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online & Download Details

(3) Goa Public Service Commission

  • Post Name: Professor
  • Number of Total Posts: 63 posts
  • Last Date: 28 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online

(4) Union Public Service Commission

  • Post Name: Junior Scientific
  • Number of Total Posts: 84
  • Last Date: 28 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online

(5) Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited

  • Post Name: General Manager etc posts
  • Number of Total Posts: 11
  • Age Limit: 50-62 years
  • Last Date: 29 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online

(6) National Remote Sensing Centre

  • Post Name: Graduate Apprentice, Technician Apprentice
  • Number of Total Posts: 47
  • Age Limit: Not more than 35 Years
  • Last Date: 30 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online

(7) UPSC (CDS) Combined Defence Services Examination I

  • Posts Name: 1. Indian Military Academy: 250 Posts
    2. Indian Naval Academy: 40 Posts
    3. Air Force Academy: 32 Posts
    4. Officers Training Academy (Men): 175 Posts
    5. Officers Training Academy (Women): 12 Posts
  • Number of Total Posts: 509
  • Last Date: 30 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online

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2. Job Opening in BHEL, IOCL, SAIL & Similar Sectors:

(1) BHEL(Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited), Haridwar

  • Post Name: Nursing Assistant
  • Number of Total Posts: 6
  • Age Limit: Not more than32 Years
  • Last Date: 28 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online

(2) IOCL, Research and Development Division, New Delhi

  • Post Name: Deputy Manager, Research Officer, Chief Research Manager, Senior Officer
  • Number of Total Posts: 12
  • Last Date: 20 December, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online  & Download Details

(3) SAIL, RDCIS, Bhilai

  • Post Name: Manager, Assistant Manager
  • Number of Total Posts: 24
  • Last Date: 2 December, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online

(4) SAIL, Salem Steel Plant

  • Post Name: Medical Officer, Attendant-cum-technician Trainee
  • Number of Total Posts: 55
  • Last Date: 25 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online

(5) Chittaranjan Locomotive Works

  • Post Name: Sports Kota Recruitment
  • Number of Total Posts: 5
  • Qualification: 10th Pass, ITI
  • Last Date: 30 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online

(6) Naval Dockyard, Vishakhapatnam

  • Post Name: Apprentices
  • Number of Total Posts: 152 posts
  • Last Date: 16 December, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online & Download Details

(7) Power Transmission Corporation of Uttarakhand Limited (PTCUL)

  • Post Name: Assistant Engineer (Civil)
  • Number of Total Posts: 4 posts
  • Last Date: 30 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online & Important Notices

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3. Job Opening for Teaching, Accountant, Head Constable, Technical Officer & similar posts:

(1) CSIR- Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow

  • Post Name: Senior Technical Officer, Technical Assistant
  • Number of Total Posts: 20
  • Last Date: 2, December 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online

(2) Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITB)

  • Post Name: Super Specialist Medical Officer Grade 2
  • Number of Total Posts: 5
  • Last Date: 17 December, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online

(3) IIT, Bhubaneswar

  • Post Name: Project Associate, JRF/SRF
  • Number of Total Posts:  5
  • Last Date: 25 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online

(4) SPA(School of Planning and Architecture), Vijayawada

  • Post Name: Teaching, Non-Teaching Posts
  • Number of Total Posts: 43
  • Last Date: 6 January, 2014

Direct Link : Apply Online & Download Details

(5) SSB (Sashastra Seema Bal)

  • Post Name: Head Constable (Ministerial)
  • Number of Total Posts: 110
  • Last Date: 30 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online

All the very best for your exam and if you think you found this post useful for you or your friends then you can share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+,Linkedin Profile to help them to fulfill their dreams.

Human Rights Jobs: Career in Human Rights in India

If you want to do something different in your life and you have got the feeling of serving society & others then you can make your career in Human Rights field. You can work here as like you want to as well as it’s also a good career option for you. There are many Human Rights Jobs available in India & in the world for your career purpose, which can provide you financial freedom for a life.

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As the time is changing, each field of working is also changing. The special thing is “Today Social Working is seeing as the added area of Human Rights.” In this way, this is coming as a good option for making career in social working or in human rights. The group of youth, who wants to do something for the society, can choose this field as a wonderful career option. They can do the work here by their own working styles & minds with gaining of quality income.

Human Rights Jobs & Careers in India

What is the Option in Human Rights Jobs?

Younsters have got lots of opportunities in this field. They can work in the other countries also. The only need is “Awareness and Information.” If you want to choose this field as a career option the you have to do a course in human rights for getting degree, diploma or certificate.

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In this globalization period, many type of government, non-government, social active working and international organizations are working aggressively in this sector. Government organization like National Human Rights Commission, State Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Tribunals etc are good sectors for working here. Except this, many non-government organizations, who better work for Physically handicapped, Homeless, Orphans, Old-aged people, can add with these type of organization and mold your career in new & better way.


What is the Qualification for Human Rights Jobs?

There are options of degree, diploma or certificate courses available in Human Rights. Now a days, many universities, colleges or institutes are providing thrice of these courses. The period for degree course is 3 years only, which can be done after passing 12th class or higher secondary. You can also do post graduate courses and diploma in this human rights field by famous universities, just you need to graduate in any field or sector.

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Human Rights Vacancies:

Famous Institutes & Universities for Human Rights in India

These are famous and main institutes related to Human Rights:

DEGREE Courses:

  • Bhartiya Manvadhikar Association, New Delhi
  • Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
  • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  • Devi Ahilaya University, Indore
  • Rashtriya Vidhi University, Bangalore
  • Mumbai Univesity, Mumbai


DIPLOMA Courses:

  • Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  • J.N. Vyas University, Jodhpur
  • Mohanlal Sukhadiya, Udaipur
  • Kashmir University, Shri-Nagar
  • Bhartiya Vidhi Association, New Delhi


What is the Salary in Human Rights Field?

How much salary will get in Human rights field? This question only depends on your post in this field. Assume you are in government human rights sector then your salary will higher here as compare to non-government sectors. International human rights also provide much better salary from both government & non-government sectors.

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Other way, starting salary may not be attractive but as your experience will increase in this field as you salary will also increase. So give wings to your future by finding careers in Human Rights.

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