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As the demand of private sector in India is going four folds, we attempt to deliver you with the best employment news and latest information of the Private Jobs Companies that needs new employers and are offering quality package.

Will You Keep Your Mouth Shut for Reservation in Private Jobs..!!

As an engineering student, I always want to do job in best IT company of India but now I think “Will I Have to gift my seat to a less qualified backward caste candidate for the sake of reservation Quota”?

Well certainly the answer is “Yes”.

my reaction on reservation in private sector jobs

Don’t make your face expression like the boy is having as “Haven’t the reservation quota is allotted for schedule caste, schedule tribe or Dalit group for private sector jobs in India.”

But now voice is getting higher and higher as Government is asking private firms to have some reservation in their companies for some backward caste people of society.

social justice minister kumari selja supports reservation in private jobs

As government ministers are supporting reservation in private sectors why confederation like All-India confederation of schedule castes and schedule tribes keep quite; Off-course not.

Udit Raj (Confederation chairman) has demanded 50% reservation for them in private sectors with the age-limit relaxation. He mentions this in press conference.

So the climate is getting hotter and it will burn the talent, growth and development of India. People are raising their voice in favor of reservation in private sectors, especially schedule caste people.

But let me speak today and you won’t be able to speak a single word in the favor of reservation in private jobs. There are 3 reasons I have that can shut your mouth.

Best 3 reasons to keep mouth shut for reservation

How much backward you want to be?

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar included reservation in constitution for schedule and backward class people to provide them benefit in schools, jobs as at that time these people were not allowed in temples, schools and other social activities.

But now time is changed and everybody is treated equally in society. Then why reservation is still there in Government jobs and why people are shouting for reservation in Private firms as well?

Those who are asking for reservation in private jobs, I want to ask them

Do we really need reservation in private jobs?

Does it really required?

Well certainly the answer is “No”.  For supporting my answer I would like to share one story of my friend who is “Meena” belongs to Schedule caste. We have been studying together since childhood.

I always ask him what he really wants in his life. And he always keep on replying with same answer as “I want to do government job”.

I ask him why he wants to do it. His reply made me frustrated as he replies “I will get easy govt. job as I have reservation quota though I don’t have marks like you or the topper of our batch”.

His answer was not only insulting for me, our batch’s topper but also it is for all those students who get more marks than a backward class student. They have to scarify their seat just because of reservation.

Due to this mentality that they will get jobs easily in govt. jobs, schedule caste people don’t concentrate too much on studies as other do. Just think if they get reservation in private jobs, will they do study as they are not too much focused.

Reservation in private sector jobs will take education to more backward class. We all are getting education equally, there is no partiality. Then why to ask for reservation in jobs? Just fight competition and get your jobs on the basis of your knowledge, not by caste.

Private companies suffer a lot

Private companies are those which are run by individuals, not by any state government or center government. Main goal of a private firm is the benefit of individuals by providing best quality.

Now if less knowledgeable person gets job due to reservation quota, he won’t be able to perform well as the requirement of company. He won’t be able to complete the work in deadline time as well.

The class of private companies will not suite to that backward class people. I am not trying to insult them. I am just describing that his entrance in private sector due to reservation, will not be beneficial for him/her as well as for company.

Will create more complications in society

Being a general caste person, I always face an issue in my education career that my friend who is having low score is getting good opportunities in institutes.

For example, I had given AIEEE exam for taking entrance in good engineering college. I scored more marks than my so called SC/ST buddy and he got good engineering college whereas I didn’t get seat for me in an AIEEE college.

From then I curse him and never like this kind of people with me. I really hate this system. You can give relaxation in exam fees but how can you give them admission like this. Maximum people will agree to me and maximum students will think the same, won’t you?

They are learning same thing as I am doing, then why to give them admission like this? Government has already given them reservation quota in govt. sectors, now if they get reservation in private firms as well where I’ll go?

Things will be changed again and they will appear as they were at Ambedkar’s time. Higher class people will again ignore schedule caste people and will hate them as well.

They won’t like to meet them, won’t be interested to take part in their marriages, functions, programs and all, don’t you think the same.


I have discussed my thoughts and views regarding reservation in private sector jobs. We have seen the bad effects of reservation in private jobs.

Will you still open your mouth in the favor of reservation for private jobs?

Share your thoughts..

Software Trainee Engineer Jobs in Celstream Technologies-Career 2013

Celstream Technologies Pvt Ltd:

Celstream is a global technology and engineering services private company focused on creating innovative products and solutions which help transform organizations from product-centric to services-led businesses.

Celstream’s Solutions integrate business systems with people, process & devices and enable service organizations drive  internal efficiencies, increase productivity and exceed customer expectations.

Celstream Technologies Official Website

“Celestians work with exciting technologies in engineering world-class products for industry leaders” said by Celstream Technologies.

IT/Software Engineer Jobs in Celstream Technologies

  • Position: Engineer iOS & Senior Engineer with .Net and Ext.Js

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  • Qualification Required:

Applicant should be Graduate/Postgraduate in BE, B.Tech or M.C.A. in CS/IT/Electronics Stream. No other stream applicant can apply. In short (CS/Electronics/MCA’s with a science background)


  • Desired Knowledge Required:

Software Trainee Engineer Job in Celstream Technologies-Career 2013


1. Candidate should know c,c++ well.

2. Candidate should have Minimum of 3 years’ experience in the development of web applications for the Microsoft .Net platform.

3. Candidate should have Project or Training experience in the same Domain.

4. Strong knowledge of JavaScript, CSS and HTML technologies

5. Candidate should have strong Communication Skills.

6. Candidate should be quick enough to learn new things.

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  • Hiring Process

1] Written Test

If Cleared, Then

2] Face-to-Face Interview


  • Salary: Best as per Industry Norms usually high salary


  • Location: Banglore, India


  • Important Links:

Apply Online Now

Official Website

  • Last Date to Apply: 17th Nov. 2013

Latest Vacancies in India November 2013 After Diwali

After a huge Diwali Celebration, there are many Latest vacancies in India, which have opened in different sectors. This job season has come up with tremendous Govt jobs as well as private jobs opportunities with high class package. Previously, we have discussed the latest jobs of oct-nov 2013 & now it’s time to discuss about only November, 2013 jobs. Basically, these are the vacancies, which have opened in November month of 2013. These jobs are related to the posts of Medical Officer, Executive Engineer, Senior Project Fellow, Assistant Registrar, Scientist, Apprentices, Senior-Junior Assistants, Director, Lab Assistants, Technician, Engineer, DEO, Computer Programmer etc.

Latest Vacancies in India in November 2013 After Diwali

These Job Sectors are related to High Class Govt as well as Private sectors. Each job sector requires quality professional degrees with high class education and knowledge in that field. So, we will discuss Latest Vacancies in India in November month of  year 2013 briefly.

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All the information will be given here with their posts, the number of posts, last date and notification or official site link. These all will be in the exact manner with important criteria.

So check out this list! May be you get employed in one of these Govt sectors with the

  • Good Fortune,
  • Purity,
  • Prosperity,

given by the Lord Ganesha & Goddess Laxmi on this Incredible Diwali season 2013.

Latest Vacancies in India November 2013:

(For both Govt Jobs and Private Jobs)

 (1) MPPSC (Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission)

  • Post Name: Unani Medical Officer
  • Number of Total Posts: 41
  • Last Date: 6 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online


(2) IISER (Indian Institute of Science, Education & Research), Pune

  • Post Name: Executive Engineer
  • Number of Total Posts: 5
  • Last Date: 20 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online and PDF File


(3) CSIO (Central Scientific Instruments Organization), CSIR, Chandigarh

  • Post Name: Project Fellow/ Senior Project Fellow
  • Number of Total Posts: 33
  • Last Date: 24 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online and PDF File


(4) NPCIL (Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited), Rawatbhata

  • Post Name: Stipendiary Traniee Operator
  • Number of Total Posts: 115
  • Last Date: 15 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online


(5) DIAT (Defense Institute of Advanced Technology), Girinagar, Pune

  • Post Name: Assistant Registrar
  • Number of Total Posts: 7
  • Last Date: 30 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online


(6) DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation): RAC (Recruitment and Assesment Centre), New Delhi

  • Post Name: Scientist
  • Number of Total Posts: 27
  • Last Date: 7 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online


(7) BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited), Bhopal

  • Post Name: Apprentice
  • Number of Total Posts: 229
  • Last Date: 9 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online


(8) JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University), New Delhi

  • Post Name: Senior Assistant, Junior Assistant with Typist etc
  • Number of Total Posts: 54
  • Last Date: 18 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online


(9) Rubber Board, India

  • Post Name: Director
  • Number of Total Posts: 63
  • Last Date: 12 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online


(10) IMU (Indian Maritime University), Chennai

  • Post Name: Junior Lab Assistant, Deputy Registrar, Technician etc
  • Number of Total Posts: 10
  • Last Date: 22 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online

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(11) HPCL (Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited), Assam

  • Post Name: Appretice (Engineer Graduate Appretices, Technician)
  • Number of Total Posts: 52
  • Last Date: 30 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online and PDF


(12) NIT (National Institute of Technology), Trichy

  • Post Name: Engineer
  • Number of Total Posts: 4
  • Last Date: 8 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online


(13) Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Raipur

  • Post Name: Assitant Professor, Scientist, Technical Assitant etc
  • Number of Total Posts: 91
  • Last Date: 15 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online


(14) High Court of Chattisgarh

  • Post Name: DEO, Computer Programmer, Assitant Registrar etc
  • Number of Total Posts: 14
  • Last Date: 8 November, 2013

Direct Link : Apply Online


(15) National Hydro-Electric Power Corporation

  • Post Name: Traniee Engineer etc posts
  • Number of Total Posts: 73
  • Last Date: 11 November, 2013

Direct Link: Apply Online


Note: If you feel any doubt in any corresponding vacancy then feel free to ask us below in the comment box or mail us at naukrisuchna@gmail.com.

Thanks for taking your time to read our updates regrading latest vacancies in india. 🙂

Why Govt Jobs are Better Than Private Jobs

Government jobs or private jobs which is better or which we have to choose for carrier that’s the very important question. First we have to mark a goal, that according to that which sector is suitable or reliable for us and then we choose the job sector. There are many reasons for choosing Govt. Jobs but there main reason for choosing the government job is for the security and there is stability too in govt.  Job.  The Government jobs also come in mind for better pension benefits which comes after the retirement.

Govt Jobs Facilities makes it best over private jobs


There are some benefits of Govt. Jobs over private jobs

  1. There is jobs security in government sector and on the other hand there is no job security in private sector.
  2. In government sector there is fixed pay structure of salary and in private sector there is no fixed pay structure for salary.
  3. The working hours fixed in govt. Sector.
  4. The less work load or work stress in government sector.

The person who has applied for government job are also consider the salary scales, but there is no doubt that in private sector offer the more salary and more extra facility to the employs. But from few years there are some changes in government sector for salary scales, the govt. sector have also increased the salary according to the experience and the person skilled in the specific field or job.

Why Candidates are influences for Govt Jobs?

Government jobs are safe as compared to the private jobs; there is no threat of job loss, which is not considered in the private sector. The 80% of the candidate  believe in govt jobs to make their future secure. But in govt. sector there are much more competition than private sector.

In private jobs there is no time limit for work. If you have any work than you have to sit in the office for whole day and night. There is no doubt that in government sector that there is fixed working time period. The government also offers pension, financial services, promotion.

There are Seven major factors for choose the govt  Job:

Salary on time

In Government sector you will get the salary on time whether the great economic depression or ghee & milk are flowing on the street it does not matter. But in the private sector you will get the salary on time when company earns profit, if the company stop making profit then there is no salary for employs. That’s why the people go for Govt. jobs because the granted the salary comes every month.

The Pension policy till Death

The main reason for choosing the government sector is pension policy till death. This pension policy is the complete insurance for your life. But this pension policy scheme is provided in private sector and you have to save your money for future while you are working.  The govt. employee has no fear about his future. He or she can save money and retire peacefully without any tension for future.

Free time

In government sector the workload is very less or negligible. The employee gets lots of time to do other activities. One of the best ways to utilize the time for preparation if you are think for another job.  Less workload means mind with less tension when you come back home.

This all does not happen in private jobs because you have to work more than 8 hours. When you come back home even you are not free because of office workload, you have to work whole night at home due to the office work load. But the employee gets paid more than sarkari naukri, but you have to work very hard.

Government Housing facility

If you are in private sector and you are paying for rent house then you’re paying a large amount of salary for house rent. House rent price are very high and it is very difficult to middle class people. But you can do all this if you are in government sector than you do not have to pay for house rent, the government will provide you the housing facility. You can live in the government quarter without any tension of paying house rent. The govt. quieter is located at the posh locality.  You have to save that money for future which utilize for any other work. This also a major reason for choosing the government sector.

Government Free health care policy

Health is the most important factor for every people but now a day’s health care is not affordable even for upper middle class families. But if you work in the government sector than government will pay all your health care expense not only for you but also for your whole family members. The government employee does not pay single money on his/her health care, even complicated operation which cost you thousands of dollars; the government will pay whole money.

But if you work under private sector than this whole health care cost does not pay by company, the whole money spends from your pocket.

Government offers different type of Allowances

The government sector will offer you the different type allowance which fills your extra expenses. The government will subsidized all your expenditure, you will get Dearness Allowance (DA) and Travelling Allowance (TA) to fill your extra expenditure. Moreover if you are in government sector then you will concession for travel anywhere in the country.

But there will not such be any concession or DA and TA in private sector.

Max. Vacation to spend as compared to private sector

In government sector there are lots of time to spend with the family and friends. Hence you get the lots of holidays in a year. Hence lots of holidays and less stress of work, that’s the factor for why people love to go for government sector. But in private sector there very less no. of  holidays in a year which is hardly comes.

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